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environmentally friendly flue gas denitration system
AUTHOR: Camda    DATE: 2016/04/13


At the end of March, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, spring rain, the mist filled. 

Our company's landfill gas generator set SCR flue gas denitration system that has won the bid for customers has been assembled and completed, and has entered the commissioning start-up stage in an orderly manner. 

The denitration system uses one of the CombikatTM (standardized SCR denitration products) series produced by Concord and one of the world's top companies in Switzerland: CombikatTM CBH25 flue gas denitration system.

After 5 days of intense and orderly commissioning, the denitration system realizes continuous and stable operation, and the treatment effect fully meets national standards and local standards.

Excellent operational results, far-reaching domestic influence

Solid technical foundation, comprehensive and adequate preparation, and active cooperation in all aspects ensure the smooth development of the project site and the efficient completion. The smooth adjustment test of this project shows the good style of the company's technical center, engineering department and electrical department dispatched to the site, the overall cooperation and hard work. The active cooperation of the owners is the performance of the members of our company. Affirmation; the owner's satisfactory acceptance, more fully demonstrates the quality, stable operation and excellent efficiency of our company's SCR denitration system. 

The smooth commissioning operation of the system opened a new chapter in the flue gas denitration of the internal combustion engine group of the Kangda company; the company seized the opportunity in such a huge market segment, and with the continuous strengthening and strict supervision of environmental protection standards, the CombikatTM series denitration system It will definitely have a far-reaching impact in the field of domestic air pollution control.

Deep historical origins, rare cooperation opportunities

In the spirit of sincere cooperation, Kangda Company and one of the world's top companies in Switzerland have reached a strategic cooperation agreement to achieve a strong alliance between the two sides in the Asian market. 

The characteristics of the denitration series of the internal combustion engine are: CombikatTM (standardized SCR denitration product series) has a long history of more than 30 years; more than 5000 sets of global cases, both technology and experience far exceed other competitors; GE Jenbacher, Cat, MWM, Wärtsilä and other major engine brands preferred suppliers; the world's only company from design, catalyst research and development production, control and injection systems to engineering; catalytic technology has the highest level of technology in the world; The ammonia escape control catalyst and closed-loop control system are currently the only companies in China that can meet the ammonia escape standard; the SCR denitration system has been upgraded to the third generation, and the overall aesthetics, system stability and equipment protection are more optimized. 

Technology is thick and thin, and the advantages are outstanding.

After years of research and development, the SCR system developed by the Swiss partner has the following advantages: it works independently of each other and provides the highest availability overall; each system is a complete system that can perform important functions independently; The vanadium-based catalyst developed by the generator set has excellent high temperature resistance; the ammonia escape problem, the "ammonia escape control catalyst" is the only solution, and the price is about 20% of the peer; the design of the catalyst is flexible and flexible. Horizontal and even tilted can be placed; the length and size of the pipeline are determined by the theoretical basis plus years of practical experience, and can withstand the test of the market, has a very significant advantage.