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How to size a genset: Proper generator set sizing requires analysis of parameters and loads
DATE: 2015/04/07


Project parameters

The first step in sizing and selecting a generator set is to establish project parameters.

• Minimum generator set load/capacity: Running a generator set under light load can lead to engine damage, reducing reliability. We do not recommend running generatorsets at less than 30 percent of rated load. Loadbanks should supplement the regular loads when loading falls below the recommended value.

• Maximum allowable step voltage dip (starting andrunning): As you reduce the maximum allowable step voltage dip during initial startup, when loads cycle under automatic controls or when high peak loads operate, you need to increase the size of the generator set specified. Choosing lower allowable voltage dip requires a larger generator set.

• Maximum allowable step frequency dip: As youreduce the maximum allowable frequency dip, you increase the size of the generator set needed.

• Altitude and temperature: Based on the site location, the size of the generator set must increase for a given level of performance as altitude andambient temperature rise.