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March 8 Women's Day Tea Party
AUTHOR: Camda    DATE: 2016/03/08


On March 8th, our company held the “March 8 Women's Day Tea Party” to let female employees celebrate the festival in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the event, the director of the company's Women's Committee gave a work report, and the company's leaders gave holiday greetings to the female employees. Later, the tea artists we invited performed tea performances and explained the knowledge about the tea ceremony to our female employees. After that, we played a movie to let the female employees relax on this day. 

Women account for more than 20% of the total number of employees in Kangda. From the traditional thinking, the machinery manufacturing industry is mechanical and blunt. But in Kangda, female employees are full of women's charm and style: they are the pioneers of sales, keenly capture market information, and actively follow up; they are the operators on the production line, meticulously complete the production work; they serve some important Management positions, do their job management or technical services with due diligence... They play their own advantages in the company and work together to create a better future for the company.