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National Light and Heat Alliance trough solar thermal power technology seminar was successfully held in Camda
AUTHOR: Camda    DATE: 2017/02/26


Solar thermal power generation, as the main direction of renewable energy power development, is one of the most promising ways to replace the basic power load in the future. Trough thermal power generation has proven to be the most promising CSP method due to its excellent power quality, low power generation cost expectations and long-term commercial operating experience. China has entered a new normal of economic development, a new stage of ecological civilization construction, a new era of energy production and consumption revolution. With the successive introduction and continuous improvement of relevant policies, China's solar thermal power generation has ushered in rapid development.


On February 25th, the National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Solar Light Thermal Alliance) organized a Tank Vacuum Tube Common Technology and Casing Thermal Power Mirror Field Tracking and Control Systemat Camda New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. seminar". This seminar was organized after the acceptance of Camda New Energy through the trough solar thermal power generation Guohe project, with the strong support of the National Light and Thermal Alliance and the close cooperation of the various brother units. The meeting was jointly organized by Camda New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and Xufu (Beijing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. From the Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design Institute, Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Beijing Tianruixing Thermal Technology Co., Ltd., Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang Zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, Hubei Shouneng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. Representatives of solar thermal cooperatives such as the company, Beijing Qidi Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Xufu (Beijing) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, North China Electric Power Design Institute, Northeast Electric Power Design Institute, Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, Hebei Provincial Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, China Power International Shanxi Branch, Central South Survey and Design Institute, Emerson China, Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute, Yili Smart Energy, Shanxi Orchid Daning Power Generation Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yunda Machinery Co., Ltd. Company, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Co., Ltd., Guangzhou New Energy Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Qingyu Chenghe Investment Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong Science and Technology Media Center, China Telecom Media, and other experts in solar thermal power generation , corporate representatives and the media A total of more than 60 people attended the event.


Shen Jianshan, chairman of Camda New Energy, attended and delivered a warm welcome speech. He first introduced the development of Camda New Energy in the field of light and heat. As one of the pioneers in the field of solar thermal power generation, Camda New Energy has started research and development since 2006. It has been supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Program and the Guangdong Provincial Major Science and Technology Special Plan. Through more than ten years of painstaking research, it has already been overcome. The industrial application technology of high-temperature heat collecting tubes, concentrating reflectors, and chasing system has realized the system integration of trough solar thermal power stations, and the key technologies have reached the world advanced level, and built megawatt demonstration projects and product production lines. It has actively promoted the development of China's solar thermal power generation industry, and has made a lot of resources and made tangible contributions. Then, in his speech, Shen said that the development of new energy and the benefit of the whole society is the historical mission of Camda. It is Camda’s lofty vision to make solar thermal power technology benefit human beings and the whole world. I believe this is also our common expectation and all the colleagues in the CSP industry chain. In this forum, experts, scholars and business representatives from the field of solar thermal power generation will share with us advanced technology concepts, exchange development experiences, and explore new ideas, new models and new ways for solar thermal power generation in China. "People collect firewood with high flames", we have reason to believe that solar thermal power generation will be in line with the objective needs of low-carbon economic development, and truly become a flag of China's energy-saving emission reduction and fluttering in the wind.


At the morning meeting, Zhou Fuyun, deputy general manager of Camda New Energy, introduced the development of Camda's new energy solar energy industry, analyzed and summarized the relevant technical evaluation indicators of trough solar thermal power generation heat collecting tubes and mirrors, and proposed to cooperate in the development of solar thermal industry. A constructive business model and a brief introduction to the application of Camda solar products. Participants exchanged discussions on the common technical issues of trough vacuum collectors. A representative of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a speech entitled Performance Testing Techniques and Common Features of Trough Solar Collectors. The Beijing Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals gave a speech entitled Vacuum Collectors for Solar Thermal Power Generation. Cui Menglong, deputy general manager of Beijing Tianrui Starlight Thermal Technology Co., Ltd., and Lei Dongqiang, an associate researcher at the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the key technologies of the trough vacuum collector. Finally, the participants discussed the key common technical problems of the trough vacuum tube from the perspectives of technology research and development, testing and design.


At the afternoon meeting, Zhu Wei, general manager of Xufu New Energy, first launched a new product and new technology conference. It introduces the development of the company in the photothermal industry and its global development trends and technical routes. Xufu has been focusing on the tracking and control system for thermal power generation and has successfully developed the first tracking and control system for commercial operation. At present, Xufu Solar has signed a cooperation agreement with the Australian Federal Academy of Sciences to introduce the most advanced tower photothermal power generation technology of the Australian Federal Academy of Sciences. It is planned to build a 1 MW tower molten salt power generation experimental power station in China in 2017. Participants will discuss how to consider the design and selection of the control and tracking of the slot mirror field as a whole and how to comprehensively consider the technological advancement of the slot mirror field control, communication network, local control, hydraulic drive system, and equipment. Professional discussion of reliability, cost control, and ease of operation and maintenance.


At the end of the meeting, Chairman of the National Light and Thermal Alliance Yi Yuechun gave a concluding speech. He pointed out that the seminar carried out information sharing and technical exchanges within the industry, which has greatly promoted the healthy development of the solar thermal industry. Recently, the country has released an energy strategy, emphasizing the development goals of low carbon, clean, safe and efficient. I hope that everyone will seize opportunities, cooperate in competition, compete in cooperation, give play to their respective advantages, and work together to become a light and thermal industry chain. Make new contributions to building and perfecting.


After attending the solar energy demonstration base, production line and 1 MW trough solar demonstration project of Camda New Energy, as the host of this seminar, the chairman of Camda New Energy said in the welcome speech of the dinner, the seminar passed the leaders. The attention and the joint efforts of all my colleagues have successfully come to an end. Although the time is short, we have gained a lot. The wonderful speeches of the delegates, let us remember the fresh, the insights of the experts, let us benefit a lot. The CSP industry has a long way to go and advocates all the people who work together to work together to create brilliant!