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Industry Solution

  • Gas power generation
  • Diesel power generation
  • Gensets synchronization and parallel
  • Biogas desulfurization

Synchronization Panel

Description : Automatically synchronize gensets with mains grid

Synchronizing multiple gensets.


Genset paralleling is an efficient power distribution unit to combine multiple gensets as one complete power source providing electricity for various loads.


Reasonable loads sharing ensure gensets run under most economical conditions.

High sustainability for impact load and load shocking.

Excellent stabilization on output voltage and frequency.

No break between multiple gensets transfer.

Minimize cable consumption.

Extremely convenient for local power network capacity expanding.

Synchronizing with mains transfers genset(s) output to state Grid.

Synchronization process is fully automatic.

Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Enclosure cabinet are painted by electrostatic polyester powder paint. Protection class Ip23.



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